Improving Team Engagement Program for Managers

Aligning the way you and your team work so that productivity and engagement flow easily within your team

Path to Profit: Turn Ideas into Profitable Products

Validate the Opportunity for a New Product to Succeed in the Market

Entrepreneurship - Become An Entrepreneur, Not a Businessman

Stand Your Ground as an Entrepreneur, The Secrets All Entrepreneurs Must Know

Leadership & Likability - Striking the Right Balance

This course explores 2 different styles of leadership - creative and reactive, and where you spend the most time

Questions that Sell

This course teaches you to ask questions that result in productive sales calls that motivate customers to buy from you

Discovering the Leader Within You

This course goes beyond traditional leadership styles. It challenges you to identify your unique talents

The Website Success Formula- Manage your Website for Success

Learn to make your website successful, get more from your time and budget, and get real results from your website

Growing Your Business Through Connecting (Networking)

Networking For New Entrepreneurs

Leadership: How to Become a Team Manager in 5 Easy Steps!

All my Secrets and years of experience revealed!

Learn How to Think Like a Visionary

This course focuses on getting you the skills you need to be a visionary

Avoiding Common Mistakes New Managers Make

This course is for new managers or any director or human resource professional helping support a new manager

Modern, Effective Leadership

This course looks at establishing a synchronized Purpose, Objectives, Goals, and working out Actions to Attain them

Corporate Ethics

This course takes a practical look at the variables involved in creating and maintaining an ethical culture

Building Effective Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs

This course explores the benefits of creating rewards and recognition for employees, which applies to HR personnel

Secrets of Business Networking

Build A Powerful Referral System

Presentation Fundamentals: Effective Presentation Skills

Learn to develop effective presentation skills

How to Start a Business

Business Strategy, Analysis, Research & Consulting

Listening Better to Increase Business

This course explores the listening skill set that is critical for sales and business success

The Fast Track to High-Performance Corporate Culture

This course helps you understand the relationship between corporate culture and organizational performance

Building an Effective Corporate Code of Conduct

This course focuses on important concepts professionals should know and understand about code of conducts